Meetings with Emotions. Human Past between Anthropology and History (Historiography and Society from the 10th to the 20th centuries)



In the volume its editor aimed at depicting the relationship between the changes in peoples emotions in the past and historical sources they are presented in – to which extent the emotions of the authors of these sources influenced the image of the world created by them. He also highlights the methodological aspect of the deliberations i.e. determining how the emotions of a contemporary historian influence the way a man from the past is perceived. Seven articles collected here address specific problems regarding the past from the turn of the second millennium up to the 20th century. Their authors track the emotions and the functions their presentation fulfilled in the sources, from different points of view. They show both the possibilities of the research on emotions and its significance for the analysis of sources. The problems being the genesis of the book could not be satisfactorily discussed within one collection of articles, however, each of them relates to one of the fundamental questions posed in the introduction. It should be highlighted here that in each case the authors focused on a thorough analysis of historical sources. Hence, it should be expected that this collection will made a significant contribution to anthropologico-historical research.

                                                                                                                                       Z recenzji prof. dr hab. Marie Bláhová

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red. Przemysław Wiszewski

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Wrocław 2008




24 x 16 cm